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*Robert ____man, writer and creator*
Strike with the foot
*____ Sheridan, Invincible's classmate and friend*
Shortened form of Richard
____ Benedict, A-Team and Battlestar Galactica actor
*____wing, formerly known as Night Boy*
*____ Grayson, Invincible's alter ego*
*Planet which Invincible visited whilst accompanying astronauts*
____ had a little lamb
*Amber's abusive new boyfriend*
Of violence, graphic
*Co-creator, issue #1-7 artist, ____ Walker*
Came into the world
A blessing, a wished for favour
Breast, 8008 on calculator
*Invincible flew his teacher to Antarctica after finding that he had turned himself into one of these*
Burial chamber, raided by Lara Croft
Hefty book
Arrive, go's antonym
Jazz accompaniment, money given for work-related injuries
Birdhouse for pigeons
Black cousin of the moorhen
Outer garment
Water vessel
*Furnace is made out of liquid ____*
*Machine ____, Invincible's Crime Boss foe*
Aural counterpart of see
*____ ____, group featuring Rex Splode, Robot and Eve (2nd word)*
*____ ____, group featuring Rex Splode, Robot and Eve (1st word)*
Past tense of “to see”
Embryonic plant
Legal document of property
Current state of many of the original Guardians of the Globe
Honey wine
Animal flesh, especially for cooking
Man-made river around a castle
Opposite of least
Where a sail is affixed
Method of preparing potatoes
Speed relative to the speed of sound
Large robotic walker containing a pilot in Science Fiction
*During the Viltrumite War, Invincible and family were joined by ____ Jacket*
Someone who acts lustfully
Scottish lake
Fastening mechanism, secured by key
Stretching torture device
*Viltrumites, Humans, etc.*
*Girl with the power to produce and absorb doubles of herself, Dupli-____*
Flying toy, held with string
Small arachnid similar to a tick
Possession of speaker
14th - 17th century Chinese dynasty famously associated with vases
*Role of Guardians of the Globe member Aquarus*
Not spicy
Building where flour is ground
Scavenging seabird
Large bay, ____ War
Sport involving tees and sand wedges
*Invincible is sent by Cecil to track The Astounding ____-Man in issue #57*
Sound a dog makes
Foot of a cow
Sound of an owl
Fox's lair
Handle of a sword
Mound, small mountain
*Twin of one of Invincible's allies, who shares her self-duplication powers, Multi-____*
____ Mall, street in Westminster, that inspired a brand of cigarettes and a Monopoly property
Tablet, medicine
Respiratory apparatus of a fish
*Guardians of the Globe member Monster ____*
Old-fashioned bank transfer, especially associated with British Post Offices
Cheap, common type of pen
Inhabitant of an aviary
To wrap or secure with rope or bandages
To curve
Small round decorative piece of glass, pierced for string
Rowan Atkinson character, Mr ____
Outer layer of grains and cereal, lending its name to Kellogs cereal All ____
____-apple juice, Ocean Spray drink
Light teal
*____ Ottley, penciller since issue #8*
Chestnut, bay or similarly coloured coat, sprinkled with white, especially in horses
Low sound of suffering
From a specific region of India of culinary fame
Precedes Canaria, Torino and Turismo
Broad smile
Late 60's John Wayne film True ____, recently remade by the Coen brothers
*Invulnerable member of the reformed Guardians of the Globe*
Edge of a hat
Morbid, serious
Method of holding a tennis racket
Blood's foe
Plant grown for food
Cut with an axe
Store, retail establishment
Opposite of to start
On top of
*Invincible love interest, ____ Eve*

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