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Can you name the Marvel comic book series, miniseries or Graphic Novel for each letter of the alphabet?

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A60's comic in which Spider-Man made his debut
BCentered around the heroics of T'Challa, King of Wakanda
CNate Summers and Wade Wilson team up
DChronicling the adventures of the Sorcerer Supreme
EThe tales of the eponymous Daredevil-loving ninja mercenary of Greek descent
FThe First Family of comics, recently replaced by the Future Foundation
GThe first issue of this introduced characters such as Storm and Nightcrawler, and brought Wolverine onto the team.
HThe solo adventures of the long-time Avengers archer
IKirkman's take on this hero has Eric Grady taking up Hank Pym's old mantle, but with more emphasis on watching women in the shower than any heroics
JThe X-Men's teen firework-wielder gets her own title
KCreator-Owned Millar mini, recently converted to film, in which a normal kid decides to become a super-hero, and teams up with Hit-Girl, Big Daddy and Red Mist
LMiniseries focussing on Thor's adopted brother
MBook in which two heroes (one of whom was almost invariably Spider-Man) joined forces
NComic about the aquatic mutant who currently rules Atlantis
OWolverine story arc based in a future in which most superheroes are dead and America is divided up between Red Skull, Doom, Magneto and the Hulks
PFrank Castle ruthlessly dispatches any criminals he comes across.
QPietro Maximoff's self-titled comic
R4-issue mini where the alliterative hero (now a Guardians of the Galaxy member) tried to regulate the violence between two toy companies.
S3-issue run in which a young man finds Peter Quill's old ship and costume (Quill has since regained this mantle and is in the Guardians of the Galaxy)
T2010 limited series tying up the Annihilation storylines, surrounding the fight between Mar Vell and the avatar of Death
UThe equivalent of The Avengers in their similarly-named universe
VThe symbiote of Spider-Man fame gets his own series
WA non-canon series comprised of hypothetical alternative events in a characters life if one key aspect were changed, narrated by Uatu the Watcher
XIn its current incarnation, this comic centers around an investigative team led by Multiple Man including Guido and Wolfsbane
YHulkling, Iron Lad, Patriot and Kate Bishop Hawkeye, amongst others, join together as a junior version of one of Marvel's most notable teams
ZThe black-clad, black-masked sword-wielding franchise character, who was also played in the film “The Mask of _____” by Antonio Banderas

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