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Can you name the DC comic book series or miniseries for each letter of the alphabet?

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AHero who absorbs the power of beasts around him
BBooster Gold's good friend, who uses a suit of alien technology
CAtomised military official whose energy and flight powers have made him a valuable member of the Justice League at times
DComic in which Batman first appeared
EVertigo comic about a superpowered man who assumes the identity of a comic book character
FWielder of the Speed Force
GForest-coloured archer, sometimes shown as a modern Robin Hood
HMace-wielding bird-inspired hero
INewly rebooted old House of Mysteries comic about confronting Mary, Queen of Blood
JAlumnus of All-Star Western, also featured in '[character name], Riders of the Worm and such'
KFuture confrontation between a disenchanted Superman (and his allies) and a new wave of violent vigilantes
LTeam which, as well as Superboy, has featured such gems as Bouncing Boy and Matter Eater Lad
MExtra-terrestrial Justice League founder
NDick Grayson's identity between Robin and Batman
OTeam featuring Arsenal, Katana, Halo and Black Lightning at various times. First started as Batman and ___ _________
PEarth -Two's Supergirl, notable for having a chest window where many characters have a logo
QOriginally a Charlton Comics character, this journalist/hero was the inspiration for Rorschach
RMitch Shelley faces off against Vandal Savage and the Body Doubles, using powers that change after each death
SSuperhero alias used by Ted Knight, Mikaal Tomas, Prince Gavyn, Will Payton and David Knight.
TSuperhero sidekick team including Kid Flash, Aqualad, Robin, Speedy and Starfire
UA mysterious man wraps his head in bandages against the backdrop of revolt in Uganda
VA group of villains, including Deadshot and Catman, are blackmailed into attacking Luthor's Secret Society of Supervillains
WAlan Moore's famous portrayal of more morally ambiguous superheroes, such as The Comedian and Rorschach
XBasketball player Trane Walker develops a conscience during his work as a “closer,” tidying up loose ends and killing witnesses
YRed Tornado and Snapper Carr mentor a team including Robin, Superboy and Batgirl
ZA female magician, also featured in the Seven Soldiers of victory, who has associations with both Constantine and the JL

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