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Can you name the comic book series, miniseries or graphic novel for each letter of the alphabet?

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APlucky gaul who fights off encroaching Romans
BA feline detective deals with murder and racism
CA man who gets psychic impressions from food uses it to solve crimes
DThe titular ex-bandit gets roped into one final job after losing her store in a poker game
EHuman/animal hybrids are liberated by the UN from their creators
FIn the first Arc, the Big Bad Wolf investigates the murder of Snow White's sister
GConan the Barbarian parody about the accident-prone title character
HHorror comic featuring John Constantine
IA little girl uses a fantasy world as a form of escapism
JA.K.A. Goldfish prequel about a female bounty hunter
KGrant Morrison's one-shot about a girl's sudden descent into criminality
LAfter the death of the father, a family moves to Keyhouse and a weird world opens up to the children
MThe biography of a Polish Jew during the Holocaust, told anthropomorphically.
NThe Hand leads a revolution against the media
OScience fiction yarn about the reemergence of the Space Shuttle Venture
PTime-travelling Christians try to change the past
QHarvey Pekar's autobiography of his teens
RGreat Depression gangster book, later adapted into a film starring Tom Hanks
SNeil Gaiman's famous tale of the Lord of the Dreaming.
T'The Adventures of' this friend of Captain Haddock
U17th-century Japanese rabbit ninja works as a bodyguard on his pilgrimage
VEvey Hammond joins a mysterious masked Guy Fawkes afficionado
WKirkman's recently televised zombie survival comic
XTopps Comics spin-off of Mulder and Scully supernatural investigation show
YYorick Brown struggles to deal with a world where very few others are like him
ZHorror-western-comedy comic about an undead sheriff

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