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songsname the songband
There were 3 young ladies in the school gym locker when i noticed they was looking at me
left alone, forever and for crimes unclear
no more sleeping wasting our time
she keeps a lock of hair in her pocket, she wears across around her neck
And i dont understand why i sleep all day
I got my head checked by a jumbo jet it wasnt easy but nothing is
im your freakshow baby im your crazy train
in my past bittersweet theres no love between sheets
Did you want me to change cuz i changed for good
he had a nasty reputation and a crude attitude
im finished making sense done bleeding ignorance that whole defense
every now and than when i see her face she take me away to that special place
Big black boots, long brown hair
I hope its gonna make you notice someone like me
theres a songbird who sings sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiven
songsname the songband
I will go anywhere maybe youll see me
Take my hand we're off to never never land
they will not control us we will be victorious
with the lights out its less dangerous here we are now entertain us
Daddy didnt give attention to the fact that mommy didnt care
i know i know that you love me i can love you when your dead
The truth hurts so bad wouldent you say? so why tell it
music the great communicator use 2 sticks to make it in the nature
we had a place that we could call home in a life no one could touch
Are you nervous? spending your days away in space
even though i know i suppose ill show all my cool and cold like old job
heaven send hell away no one sings like you anymore
is it you is it me search for things that you cant see
please dont slow me down if im goin to fast your in a strange part of our town
Everyone knows about it from the Queen of England to the hounds of hell

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