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can you name the chili peppers clipsongsong
when i pick up on that smell
to celebrate you is greater now that i caaaaaannnn
Tell me baby whats your story
lost in the valley without my horses
The story of a women on the morning of a war
step from the road to the sea to the sky
and space may be the final frontier
to meditate on the warmest dream
i said now ill take it its better for you
cry me a future where the revalations run a muck
Teachers keep on teachin
lots of love just keep it coming
can you name the chili peppers clipsongsong
right off its feet
black and white, red and blue
So much i wish i could
sometimes i feel like i dont have a partner
road trippin with my two favorite allies
all the creatures on the beaches
bells around st.petersburg when i saw you
Getting born in the state of mississippi
Should of been could of been would of been dead
My what a good day for a walk outside
its so bad its got to be good
deep inside of a parallel universe

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