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Ci came up ouy of the water...
WHTMi can take the rain off the roof of this...
Meverytime you look at me that way
HIHshe jumped in my truck in her bare feet..
H5th floor. shes up in her dorm.
LIAHlifes llike the road that you travel on
OTLshes got an old dog, it don't llike me much
Msometimes it feels like this worlds spinning...
LYOLi want the whole world to know..
TIDi can see clear to the mountains..
MAMGwe live to ride, we rid to live
MWyou never need to carry more than you can hold
Syou feel like a candel in a....
CWMUi can usually drink you right off of my mind...
Bwhen i lose my smile..
Hoh you got me in...
TGITi have seen the light of day...
HBi don't wanna wait its been to long..
IWLGcause i will stand by you, i will help you through.
SLshe left her jeans in my washing machine...

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