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Blame it all on my roots I showed up in bootsG Brooks
Well I was sitting at a roadhouse down on Highway 41, you were wiping off some ketchup on a table that was doneA Jackson
Driving down the interstate running thirty minutes late singing 'Margaritaville' and minding my owB Shelton
I remember it all very well lookin' back It was the summer I turned eighteenR McEntire
We got winners, we got losers, chain smokers and boozersT Keith
Plowin' these fields in the hot summer sunK Chesney
I once thought of love as a prison a place I didn't want to beAlabama
She's got a T-Top Camaro with a scoop on the hoodBrooks & Dunn
Shoulda known it was you knockin' on my front door at a half past a heartache and a quarter to fourT Clark
I read a note my grandma wrote back in nineteen twenty-three.C Raye
One day you'll see her and you'll know what I mean.Nickel Creek
Right now he's probably slow dancing with a bleach blonde tramp, and she's probably getting frisky…C Underwood
Well I love her but I love to fishB Paisley
Katie's sittin' on her old front porch watchin' the chickens peck the groundT Yearwood
I got sent home from school one day with a shiner on my eyeG Strait
I feel tears wellin' up, cold and deep inside like my heart's sprung a big breakSawyer Brown
Maybe I didn't love you quite as often as I could haveW Nelson
Becky was a beauty from South Alabama. Her Daddy had a heart like a nine pound hammerD Bentley
Goodbye Joe, me gotta' go, me oh my ohH Williams
I can make anybody pretty I can make you believe any lieB Paisley
Don't need no copy of Vogue magazineM McBride
I gave two teeth in a teenage brawl for a girl whose name I can't recallB Cyrus
I work down at the Pizza Pit and I drive an old HyundaiB Paisley
I walked in and the band just started the singer couldn't care a tune in a bucketT Byrd
Sometimes I think what turned her on were my old broke down bootsMontgomery Gentry
Mom got drunk and Dad got drunk At our Christmas partyMontgomery Gentry
Yes she's my lady luck hey I'm her wild card manG Brooks
They packed up all his buckles and shipped his saddle to his dadG Brooks
I'm Feelin like Tonto Ridin a PintoBig & Rich
I was thumbin' my way from Montgomery had my guitar on my backT McGraw
I got ketchup on my blue jeansH Williams Jr
Someday I'm gonna be famous, do I have talent well noB Paisley
Well the well went dry and the cow did tooC LeDoux
Maryann and Wanda were the best of friends all through their high school daysDixie Chicks
A farmer and a teacher A hooker and a preacherR Travis
Billy's standing out by a west Texas highway with his thumb in the morning airSons of the Desert
I heard he was gonna marry some girl from Denver. Then my sister came over, had the Sunday paper with herL Womack
Claire had all but given up, when she and Edwin fell in loveK Mattea
Rita was sixteen years, hazel eyes and chestnut hair She made the Woolworth counter shineK Mattea
She sat all alone on a bus out of Beaumont The courage of just eighteen yearsThe Wilkinsons
He was working through college on my Grandpa's farm I was thirstin for knowledge and he had a carD Carter
I was 10, I was thin, I was playin' first baseP Vassar
He wore that cowboy hat to cover up his hornsJ Nichols
Hank Williams sang it Number 3 drove itT McGraw
Well I got my first truck when I was threeJ Diffie
She said, 'I'm going out with my girlfriends for margaritas at the Holiday Inn'J Nichols
Daddy sits on the front porch swingin' Lookin' out on a vacant fieldDixie Chicks
Sometimes it's hard to be a womanT Wynette
My daddy left home when I was three And he didn't leave much to ma and meJ Cash
I Got Rice cooking in the microwave Got a three day beard I don't plan to shaveT Tritt

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