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QUIZ: Can you name the New York Yankees 101 Trivia?

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What year did the Yankees first when the World Series?
How much money was Babe Ruth sold for?
What year did the Yankees begin their five peat as world champions?
How many numbers are retired by the Yankees?
Who was the first Yankee to have his number retired?
What was the nickname of the 1927 Yankees lineup?
Who hit the homerun to win the 1976 AL pennant?
How many homeruns did Mickey Mantle hit in the 1961 season?
After the Yankees won their first title, what is the only decade the Yankees DID NOT win a title?
Who was the predecessor as closer to Mariano Rivera?
What is Yogi Berra's real first name?
Whi was the predecessor as 1B to Lou Gehrig?
Who is the all time wins leader in Yankees history?
Who is the all times hits leader in Yankees history?
Who is the last Yankees to win 20 games in a season?
Who was the last Yankee to throw a perfect game?
Prior to 2008, when was the last time the Yankees missed the playoffs (excluding the strike in 1994)
How many American League pennants have the Yankees won?
Which Yankee was caught stealing to end the 1926 World Series?
Which Yankees manager was hired and fired five times?

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