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How much does Trevor Selby know about Cleveland?

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What downtown Cleveland river has caught on fire several times?
Cleveland became the world's first city to be fully lighted electrically in?
What is the most snowfall, in inches, to fall in Cleveland on the date of a home Browns game?
Who was the interim head coach of the Cleveland Browns in 2004, replacing Butch Davis?
How many people have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as of 8/6/14
Ho wmany points did Jawad Williams score while playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers?
What is the seating capacity of FirstEnergy Stadium?
The city was originally spelled Cleaveland after who? ('a' was later dropped to fit into a newspaper masthead)
Anderson Varejao is tied with who for the most rebounds in a game for the Cleveland Cavaliers with 25?
In 2012, what was the population in Cleveland?
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame can be found at what address?
How many players are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a member of the Cleveland Browns?
The Cleveland Cavaliers had how many different head coaches during the 1981-1982 season?
The first pedestrian button for control of a traffic light was on what Cleveland intersection? ( ? and ?)
The Cleveland Cavaliers appeared in the NBA Playoffs for the franchise's first time in what year?
What was the high temperature in the city of Cleveland on August 5, 1992?
This song by The MocCoys is the official song of Cleveland?
Who was the only Cleveland Browns representative selected to the Pro Bowl from 1999-2006?
Euclid Avenue was originally named what?
Ken Carpenter was the first draft pick in Browns franchise history. Where did he play in college?
What is the Cleveland Browns overall record in NFL Playoff Games?
Cleveland is home to the world's largest indoor Ferris whee. It stands more than 120 feet high. When was it built?
who has played the most games in Cleveland Cavaliers history
What is the area code in downtown Cleveland?
Who is the only player in Cavaliers history to wear #51?
What was the Cleveland Browns winning percentage in 1984?
What is the 2nd largest performing arts venue in the United States
What is the official flower of Cleveland?
Of the Cleveland Cavalier's 5 official logos, which is Jeff Kowalek's favorite? (answer in order of use - 1,2,3,4or5)
Jesse Owens, from Cleveland, won four Olympic gold medals in what year?

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