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Lords were a group of Calvinist rebels in Scotland opposing Catholic rule; led by John Knox; opposed Mary Guise who was regent in Scotland
League of Cambrai revived as the Holy League against France
Death of Maximilian / Wolsey tried to purge the Privy Chamber
Renewal of the Treaty of Etaples
4 Sacraments lost. Ambiguity regarding the Eucharist and passage in to heaven, 1536
1490 - Privy Chamber has a turnover of
Royal injunctions – Clergy must preach in English and have an English bible in their church
Government send commissioners to catch people enclosing unlawfully
League of Venice + England (but eng joined on the condition that it would not be forced into war with fr)
Set of prayers enforced that were to be spoken in English, 1544
Pope takes Pole’s title ‘Legate’ away
Royal Injunctions (Cromwell) – Priests told to promote supremacy and ten articles. They should also offer both an English Bible and Latin Bible/ Act of parliament – Voluntary c
Census to reduce unauthorised begging/Government and church encourages people to contribute to poor relief
Bishop Stephen Gardiner is created Lord Chancellor of England after his release from the Tower of London
only when an english ship is unavailable can a foreign ship be used to import goods, 1489
Stone Alters removed and replaced with wooden ones (Stone suggested sacrifice but wood suggested a more simple meal in remembrance)
Ferdinand never shows up in Gascony; Eng a distraction for Sp to take Navarre
Francis II and Mary QS claiming to be
10,000 troops under Suffolk get how close to Paris? 1523
Total of ??? bond signed by friends of marquis of dorset, 1491
1526 anti-Imperial group organised by Pope, included England, Fr, Pope, Venice, Milan and Florence
Act ordering that Land used from crops for at least ? of the last 35 years must remain arable, 1563
Anti-Fr league including the Pope, Ferdinand, Max, Venice and Milan (but not ENG)
Peace between France and HRE
French and Spanish Monarchs declared bankrupt
Treaty of Bruges
Date of the league of venice
Attempt to revive cloth industry and towns by restricting the rules of apprenticeship
1508 anti-Venice alliance; Pope Louis XII, Maximilian, Archduke Charles and Ferdinand
People ordered to pay poor relief – refusers would be taken to court/ Outbreak of plague may have killed 20% of the population of London

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