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Religious change under the Tudors

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10 Articles - some Lutheran doctrine/Smaller monasteries dissolved/Royal injunctions against pilgrimages
6 Articles - full catholic doctrine/ larger monasteries dissolved
Repeal of the Act of Six Articles/Act of dissolution of Chantries
First Book of Common Prayer
1st Act of Uniformity
2nd Book of Common Prayer - some calvinistic elements/Second Act of Uniformity
catholic mass reintroduced (Sep)
england and Rome reconciled (Nov)
Bishops Ridley & Latimer burnt at stake (Oct)
Archbishop Cranmer burnt at stake
Mary & Cardinal Pole die
Act of Supremacy restores Henrician anti-Pope laws/Act of Unifmroity enforced 2nd book of common prayer
39 Articles - Protestant/foundations of puritanism as convocation of canterbury fail to further reform the church
Pope excommunicated Elizabeth
Cardinal Campeggio revoked Henry's marriage case to Rome
Reformation Parliament (xxxx-xxxx)
Clergy accused of Praemunire/Henry appeals to European universities to support his case
clergy bought pardon from praemunire/labelled Henry 'protector and only supreme head of the church as far as the law of christ allows'
'Supplication against the Ordinaries' answer-A xxxx
The Act in Conditional Restraint of Annates answer-B xxxx
The Act in Restraint of Appeals answer-A xxxx
Marriage to Catherine of Aragon annulled answer-B xxxx
The Act in Conditional Restraint of Annates confirmed answer-C xxxx
Act of Supremacy/Submission of the clergy confirmed
King's commissioners began visiting religious houses/Bishop Fisher, Thomas More and some carthusian monks executed
The Bishops' Book - protestant reform
royal injunctions ordered purchase of Great Bible in English/pilgrimages and shrines removed
Sanctuary abolished
Act for the Advancement of True Religion/King's book - defended transubstantiation, use of images and 6 Articles
Latin edition of the prayer book allowed
Liz wants to ban clerical marriage but doesn't
publication of 'an apology of the church of England' by Bishop of Salisbury; CofE returning to true position
Vestiarian controversy
39 Articles given statutory authority
by this time, 100 priests from Douai sent to England
4 catholic priests executed
11 catholic priests executed
3 Articles by Archbishop Whitgift - acceptance of Elizabethan protestantism; aided decline of Presbyterianism
Act against Jesuits and Seminary priests
Act against Seditious sectaries; against separatists

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