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QUIZ: Do you know Everything in Life Is Strange Episodes 1-3?

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Forced Order
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What time did Chloe get her parking ticket
What is the name of episode one
What is Kate's little sister's name
What is the name of episode five
Who is the teacher with the petition to sign
How does Max save William after she is in the past
How much did change did Chloe have in her pocket
Who kills Chloe in the first episode before rewinding
Who is Chloe trying to find throughout episodes 1-3
What is the name of episode four
Who wants to go to the drive-in with Warren
What company made Life Is Strange
How many times can Alyssa be saved in episodes 1-3
What happens when you go back in time to save William
Where does Max save Chloe's life In Episode 1
Who, in episode 1, do you figure out is pregnant
How does Max go to save William
What is the first picture you take on your camera in episode 1
Who is Chloe's step dad
What is on Chloe's key chain
What state is the game based in
Name of the school janitor
Who does Mr. Jefferson think has a gift in his class
What is the school mascot
What was the link to Kate's video (without http and www)
Who is the student that uploaded Kate's embarrassing video
Main Character
Who do they think drugged Kate in episode 2/3
What is the Name of episode two
Who is the teacher that controls the everyday heroes contest
What extreme weather issue happens at the end of episode 1
What is the name of episode three
What is the name of the club lead by Nathan
Who does Frank date before the story begins in the game
Where do you save Chloe's life in Episode 3
How many steps did you have to predict to Chloe in the diner

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