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Can you name the Northern Lights/ the Golden Compass?

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Last name of Lyra
Lyra's Daemon
Lyra's Uncle
His Daemons form
His Daemon's name
Lyra's Best Friend
Name of his Daemon
Name of Lyra's College
Name of the Child Thieves
Name of the Beautiful woman with the monkey daemon
Name of the first boy stolen by no.9
Name of his Daemon
Name of the gypsy boy stolen by no.9
Name of the Gyptian woman who cares for Lyra
Name of the Lord of the Gyptians
Name of no.15's right hand man
Name of the witch no.16 fell in love with
Name of her Daemon
Form of her Daemon
Name the Instrument given to Lyra by the Master of no.8
Name of the Armoured Bears (Norse)
Name of the Armoured Bear Lyra frees
Name of the Aeronaut from Texas
Name of his Daemon
Form of his Daemon
Name of the metal Armoured bear's armour is made from
Name of the experimental station in the North
Name of the Armoured bears' King
Name of the Armoured bears' home
Name of the Armoured bear no.22 killed

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