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How well do you know America's only unsolved air hijacking mystery

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What holiday did the hijacking occur around?
What year did the hijacking occur?
What airline did DB Cooper hijack?
Where was the flight origin of the airplane?
What name did DB Cooper use upon purchasing his ticket?
What type of airplane did DB Cooper hijack?
What alcoholic beverage did DB Cooper order and drink?
How many people were on the plane?
What weapon did DB Cooper show to the crew of the airline?
What was the FBI's code name for the case?
How much money did DB Cooper steal?
What equipment did DB Cooper demand as part of his hijacking attempt?
What article of clothing did DB Cooper leave behind?
What country did DB Cooper demand to be taken to?
What US city did the crew and DB Cooper ultimately agree to go to?
A small amount of the money was located along the banks of what US river?
What year was the small amount of money found?
What is the name of the device later installed in the tail of a 727 to prevent the stairs from being opened in flight?
The airplane was eventually sold as used as a civilian charter for what Nevada Air Force Base?
DB Cooper Day is held annually in what Washington town?
What singer includes a DB Cooper reference in one of his songs?

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