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Who plays hawkeye/clint barton in avengers assemble ?Film Category
How many people make up the fellowship of the ring ?
In toy story who plays slinky the dog ?
In toy story 3 who plays mr pricklepants ?
Who plays the lead role alongside will ferrell in stepbrothers ?
In pirates of the caribbean who portrays captain barbosa ?
Who plays the main character in the sitter ?
Brick Tamland is a is apart of a news team in which movie ?
Who is mark hamill famous for playing ?
Who is playing nelson mandela himself in mandela: long walk to freedom ?
Who played filius flitwick in harry potter ?Harry Potter Category
What spell is used to summon an object in harry potter ?
Which wood is lilly evans wand made from ?
Whose patronus takes the shape of a goat ?
Which potion would be forbidden for a student to brew in hogwarts ?
Which quidditch team does ron support ?
Who is the half blood prince ?
What is the first horcrux to be destroyed ?
Rita Skeeter is an animagus but which animal can she turn into ?
Who was order of merlin 1st class at hogwarts ?.
Drop zones are associated with which game show ?Game Shows Category
In which game show are the usual suspects ?
Fastest finger first is apart of which game show ?
In which game show do you have to open boxes and beat a banker ?
Stephen Mulhern is the new presenter of which classic game show
Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman present which game show ?
The body features in which game show ?
Which game show did Ben Shepherd recently host ?
Who are the captains in a question of sport ?
Which game show features a his and hers round ?
Capital city of georgia ?Geography Category
Capital city of syria ?
Capital city of liechtenstein ?
Capital city of colombia ?
Capital city of tonga ?
In which continent is kiribati ?
In which continent is cyprus ?
In which continent is vanuatu ?
In which continent is kazakhstan ?
In which continent is sao tome and principe ?
Who created the fosbury flop ?Sports Category
Who just recently won the ballon dor ?
Who is arsenal's number 44 ?
Who is chelsea's number 14 ?
Who is liverpool's number 10 ?
Who is the captain of everton ?
Who is the captain of man city ?
What is the national sport of madagascar ?
How many medals have team GB won in total in all olympics ?
What famous position did alan hansen play ?
What is glenn quagmires job in family guy ? Family Guy Category
Which animal hides in chris griffins wardrobe ?
Who plays chris griffin in family guy ?
who currently plays meg in family guy ?
Where does peter griffin go to have a piss up with his mates ?
Who did lois griffin have a boxing match with in her last ever match ?
Who appears to be stewies ancestor in the big bang theory ?
where does peter griffin work ?
who appeared to be the killer in and then there were fewer ?
Muriel is the wife of which family guy character ?
Who is priya and jai's brother in emmerdale ?TV soaps Category
Alicia is the sister of who in emmerdale ?
Tom, Jimmy, Matthew, Carl, Max and Scarlett are apart of which emmerdale family ?
In eastenders who are johnny and nancy's brother ?
Shirley and Tina's brother in eastenders is ?
Sharon's son dennis is the son of which ex eastender ?
Who plays todd grimshaw in corrie ?
Who is izzy's younger sister in corrie ?
Who plays jason in corrie and adam in emmerdale ?
Name the braxton brothers in home and away ? (no commas)
Harry, Liam, Zayn and which other two form one direction ?Music Category
Aston, Marvin, JB and Oritse all form JLS but what does it stand for ?
If alvin falls in love with britney, simon falls in love with jeanette who does theodore fall in love with from the chippettes ?
Who originally sang the climb ?
Who is miley cyrus's dad ?
Who got 2013 christmas number 1 ?
Which member of the wanted is the ex of michelle keegan ?
Which musician is famously dating kim kardashian ?
Who had a hit with closer ?
Which group has a hit called hey brother ?
Chow Chow is a breed of which animal ?Animal Category
What meat comes from a sheep ?
What do you call a baby koala bear ?
What do you call a baby shark ?
What do you call a baby elephant ?
What is a platypuses natural habitat ?
What was voted 2013 ugliest animal ?
What animals were crash and eddie in ice age ?
On the itv adverts what type of animal is baby oleg ?
What do you call a baby aardvark ?
What is the name of the blue and yellow fish in the little mermaid ?Disney Category
In finding nemo what are bruces friends names called ?
In aladdin what colour is the genie ?
What type of animal is pumbaa ?
What is the youngest child called in the incredibles ?
In monsters university what house do mike and sulley join in the scare games ?
In ratatouille what is the main rat's name ?
Who is the leader of the seven dwarfs ?
Who plays maurice in beauty and the beast ?
How many disney films have been made so far ?

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