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housestudent/professor/otherinfo about person
Slytherincaptain of the slytherin quidditch team.
Gryffindorshe had a relationship with Ron.
Hufflepuffshe is a shy friend of hermione.
Gryffindor5 pets including a dragon!.
Ravenclawteached defence against the dark arts.
Gryffindorhe had a relatioinship with ginny weasley.
Slytherinpotions professor.
Gryffindorhe is a member of the order.
Gryffindorshe was cursed in #6 and in the quidditch team.
Hufflepuffherbology professor.
housestudent/professor/otherinfo about person
Slytherinshe is a member of the ministry and loves cats.
Ravenclawteached defence against the dark arts.
Slytherinfriend of draco and a member of the slug club.
Slytherinhe is a snatcher.
Ravenclawhe is a dwarf and charms professor.
Ravenclawshe is a ghost.
Ravenclawshe kissed harry twice.
Hufflepuffshe is a member of the order.
Hufflepuffshe married Neville Longbottom.
Hufflepuffdied in a graveyard.

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