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QUIZ: Can you guess the trivia about Destiny?

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What was the first game to reveal an Easter Egg about Destiny?
Cayde-6, the Hunter Vanguard is voiced by this Actor...
What was the Nickname for Ghost when he was voiced by Peter Dinklage?
What is the minimum amount of enemy races fought in a strike?
Who said this 'This should lead us right to the grave... The World's Grave, not ours'?
'A Million Deaths are not enough for ............'?
The Consumable that gives you glimmer when killing Vex is...?
What was the name of the Vandal that was invincible?
Warlocks Melee attack is sometimes referred to this for its pathetic weakness
The game had the biggest budget of any game ever, how much? ($Million)
Rookie Players and noobs are called this...
What was the first exotic weapon that Xur sold?
What is the Vault of Glass weapon which is almost impossible to get?
Until its huge nerf, this fusion rifle was the King of the Crucible
And finally, guess my favourite exotic (Psst... its a special weapon...)

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