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What does Jesus mean?
Where was Jesus born?
A person who proclaims the Good News of Jesus Christ
The official list of the inspired books of the Bible
What is the Jewish feast of dedication, held in December?
Who was the lawmaking body or supreme court of Judaism?
'Seperated one'
'Seen together' means...
God's messenger's that possess free will and no body
Original name of Passover
Led a revolt against the Romans for taking a census (taxed them)
Group would strongly believed in apocalypse
Priests and aristocrats who cared for the temple and made up the Sanhedrin
Gentiles who converted to Judaism
Major cultural and religious center for Jews
Common Greek language
Similarities between Matthew, Mark, and Luke
A term for non-Jews
Core teaching that Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord
The teaching authority of the Church
The teaching provided to early converts
Type of Criticism that focuses on how evangelists arranged their sources
Another name for the letters written during the early era of the Church
'anointed one'
Translates the Greek word kurios which rendered the Hebrew word for God
Means Good News
Translation of the Bible from Greek to Latin
Central belief of the Church

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