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Can you name the English given names that can be used as verbs?

Quiz Updated Aug 27, 2012

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To repel, often used in the context of evil spirits.
A future tense standby synonymous with 'shall.'
Ascended, stood.
To steal; not used for vehicle lifting.
To rush suddenly; a common companion of 'forth.'
Wishfully thinking.
To trudge through an impediment such as water.
Slang for vomiting, but not throwing other objects.
To fizzle or die out.
To pry open, such as with a crowbar.
To fasten, or to categorize somebody.
Indicates possibility similar to 'might.'
To coat/cook with sugar or syrup.
To charge (as in money, not Light Brigade style.)
Using the court to punish foes, usually via money.
To honor; often sarcastically used with 'presence.'
To steal, or to lift a vehicle.
To throw with force or carelessness.
To annoy repeatedly; related to 'harrass.'
To tap or stroke, usually to provide comfort.♂/♀
To tease without spite; often followed by 'around'/'with.'
To put on, such as armor.
'i'-based action often done with the jab of a pencil.
To move up and down.
To leave an imprint, such as with a writing utensil.
To allow; Robin Williams did it thrice in 1992.
Created a picture.♂/♀
To sing in a group, almost exclusively in December.
To penetrate.
To come to light, either abstractly or with a horizon.

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