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Scream at your failure as you flunk your way through this impossible challenge. Only someone with no life can answer these questions from memory

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What is in the A1 slot of the vending machine
Jim's Mothers name
Where did Roy want to go on his honeymoon with Pam
How many bedrooms does Dwights house have
What theme was Jim and Pam's room at Dwights B&B
How many dates had Micahel been on Carol when he proposed to her (written number)
How much does Pam weigh in pounds? (Pre baby)
The name of the cat Angela keeps in her drawer
Robert California claims this is his real name
Andy's middle name
Andy's name was what for the first 6 years of his life
How much was Michaels bonus after turning over the surplus
How much was the surplus Michael had left over
The name of Michael Scarns romantic interest in Threat Level Midnight
David Wallace has what animal sitting on his office window
How much did Michael's plasma screen TV cost
Who did Creed get fired instead of him during the product recall
Kelly's middle name
How old was David Wallaces scotch at the cocktail party
'Suck It' sold for how much money
The last 8 words spoken on The US Office

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