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Can you name the place or thing that is the hottest or coldest?

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Star or type of star (40,000 C) 
City (highest recorded, 57.8 C) 
Man made temperature (location, 10e15 C) 
Sea (35 C) 
Weather Event (30,000 C) 
Planet in the Solar System (462 C) 
Object in the Solar System (13,600,000 C) 
Moon surface in the solar system (1,200 C) 
Ocean (36.6 C) 
Theoretical Maximum (1.4e32 C) 
Star or type of star (97 C) 
City (lowest recorded, -64.6 C) 
Man made temperature (location, 1e-10 K) 
Living Animal Body Temperature (-8 C) 
Lake (-3 C) 
Planet in the Solar System (-224 C) 
Place in the Solar System (-240 C) 
Natural Object in the Universe (-270.45 C) 
Place on Earth (lowest recorded, -89.2 C) 
Ocean (near freezing) 
Theoretiical Minimum (-273.15 C) 

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