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Can you name the Masks in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask?

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Authorizes Link to look inside postboxes.
Summons Keaton.
Grants Link access to the Milk Bar.
Allows Link to perform a special dance.
Keeps Link awake indefinitely.
Makes small animals march behind Link.
Sheds tears, elicits emotion in people.
Allows Link to commune with Gibidos.
Allows Link to cause an explosion.
Grants Link more speed and dexterity.
Obtains intel about Madame Aroma's son.
Summons Garo Robes.
Renders Link invisible.
Allows Link to speak with frogs.
Bonds a couple.
Enables Link to talk to Stalchilds.
Attracts Stray Fairies to Link.
Grants Link a stronger olfactory sense.
Allows Link to read animals' minds.
Makes Link grow to massive heights.
Transforms Link into a Deku Scrub.
Transforms Link into Darmani the warrior.
Transforms Link into Mikau of the Indigo-gos.
Transforms Link into a mighty god.

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