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Can you name the Greek Charectors?

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greek organizationInfo
ZBZZBZ house mom and Law student
ΩΧΔFormer President
ZBZPresident and Senators daughter
ZBZFired from NY internship
ΩΧΔImpeached president
ΩΧΔFormer ZBZ hasher and ΩΧΔ pledge
IKILeft ZBZ to create IKI
ΚΤΓExpelled due to the ΩΧΔ prank
ΚΤΓActually named Charles, this KT is named after an animal
ΚΤΓHad a relationship with a ΩΧΔ Brother
ΓΨAPan-Hellenic president and CRU law student
greek organizationInfo
ΚΤΓAlso expelled because of ΩΧΔ
ΩΧΔDated one of his fraternity brothers
ZBZUndercover reporter
ZBZDated spitter and left to be a photographer
ZBZlesbian ZBZ and big sister of the former president
ZBZStrict ZBZ National rep
Former ΚΤΓ PledgeSpitters little brother, left to play football
ΚΤΓcreated Vesuvius and is the presidents big brother
ΩΧΔInterim President
Non-GreekSpitters former RA , dated his sister
Non-GreekFormer ZBZ Hasher, cheated on a sister
Non-GreekSpitters Girlfriend
Non-GreekTook the virginity of one of her tenants

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