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Line from songTrack Title
Heard a rumor that someone said...
He makes his guitar weep, but his champagne cry
Last week, I saw a film. As I recall it was a horror film
With my swim trunks and my flippy floppies
Ok, he's a little shy but his genius cannot hide
Mr Pibb and Red Vines equal crazy delicious
Hey let's make a pact!
In the middle of the table there's a Boiled Goose
Hit on Debra, get rejected, swallow sadness, send some faxes
Line from songTrack Title
Single, Double, Triple, Home Run!
Love how not one, but both eyes are lasy
My roomate Nick is an ignorant bald head
One: Cut a hole in a box
If you gotta drink then drink it down, then we'll all have sex with ****!
Turn your 501's into 499's
We can't really enforce a curfue, as there is no light or sound
All the kids who looking up to me can suck my d**k
THREE WAY CLIMAX Best Friends Forever!

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