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DescriptionShort Title
Will Forte and Andy munching on Leafy Greens
Chris Parnell and Andy rap about their journey to a Fantasy Movie
A song about the youth of the star of Walker Texas Ranger
Fred Armisan does not shut up...even when in front of Scarlett Johansson
Will Forte and Steve Martin speaking up close and personal
Golden Globe winning actress spits hardcore lyrics about a day in her life
Three coworkers find their look-a-likes during lunch
The first episode featuring the adventures of heroes Nitro and Admiral Spaceship and their feline combat weapons
Tom Hanks and Andy as pop duo Arial and Efrim singing about their balls
Will Forte tries to talk down Andy from jumping to his suicide. Turns out to be a commercial for this drug
Andy's version of Jay Leno's 'Jaywalking'
Bill Hader battles Dane Cook to the death for an office working space
John C. Reily as a fisherman action hero
Justin Timberlake and Andy sing about the most intimate Christmas present they can offer
Nitro and Admiral Spaceship fight in Iraq
Andy in a movie where he plays every character
Drew Berrymore promoting an 80's low impact workout tape for ladies
Andy jumps into view of the camera
Rainn Wilson leads his team from his bizarre employees
A series of Slow Mtion shootings to the song 'Hide and Seek'
Andy talking about his awesome Brother in Law
A speaking canine falls in love with Andy
Adam Levine and Andy sing a ballad about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Andy dishes out knuckle sandwhiches before people bite into their sandwhiches (and other foods)
Brian Williams describes a day in his life
Old man presents films which have his grandsons inserted into them
A series of horror sequences featuring mirrors
Andy Samberg as a singing crimefighter
Jonah Hill falls in love with Andy's father
Nitro and Admiral Spaceship in a whole new dimension
DescriptionShort Title
Andy throws together a music vid, because Gnarls Barkley fails to appear for the shooting of their planned digital short
Shia LeBeouf and Andy sing a country song about dress shirts, black socks and no pants
Ricky Gervais shows a clip from the Japanese Office
Andy sings about the Olympics in 3022
James Franco talks about his small ding dong
Kristin Wiig and Andy doing mundane challenges as Will Forte referees
Andy as a college student Trent who converted to Rastafari
Paul Rudd and Andy paint each other naked
Andy and Jorma singing about premature ejaculation
Fred Armisen chows down on cookies which turn out to be laxatives at the end
Neil Patrick Harris plays the song of his childhood show's Nitro and Admiral Spaceship again
Andy, Akiva and T-Pain singing about Nautical nonsense
Andy blackmails the Jonas Brothers
Bill Hader and Andy at a party pointing out literal interpretations of slang terms (ex: Cereal Rapist)
Andy going through a typical day in his life as a corporate big shot
Justin Timberlake and Andy singing about the best Mother's Day gift of all
Will Forte talking to Megan Fox in a strained voice...yeah, I didn't get it either
Andy goes back to Megan Fox's place and runs meets her Autobot Roomate
Andy throws slams stuff on the floor to prove he's not a part of the system
Fred Armisen and Drew Berrymore as crappy magicians
Twlight, but with Frankenstein and Taylor Swift
Fred Armisen keeps walking in on Andy while he's sitting on the crapper
Andy sings about his sex life with Country music star Reba McEntire (played by Kenan Thompson)
Andy and Rhianna perform a song for elementary school kids
James Franco on a kids show gone wrong
Alicia Keys is in the mood, so she calls up Andy
Nitro and Admiral Spaceship get a little help from James Cameron
Samberg cursed with a latin saxophone player named Sergio
Andy raps about Flags of the World

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