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Satrapies(states/provinces) of the Achaemenid Empire Quiz Stats

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Biggest Satrapy(land mass), Darius I was born here, the capital city Persepolis is here, fought to keep the empire together in a civil warEast Persia
2nd Biggest(land mass), Fought to split apart in a civil war, bordered the most satrapies, when Lydia was conquered it eventually became part of this satrapy.West Persia
6th Biggest(smallest), once ally of persia, while most of the Achaemenid empire had land only good for livestock, this has the most farmland, and Alexander the great was born hereMacedonia
4th Biggest(land mass), only satrapy invaded by Rome(387 B.C.), had the most revolts, King Xerxes II was born here, once an ally of persia Egypt
5th Biggest(land mass), had multiple riots started by greeks, was a country conquered by persia, King Antixerxes I was barried hereMedia
3rd Biggest(land mass), in 331 b.c. it became part of another satrapy, had the fewest wars fought on it's land, and was once part of the Parthian FederationNortheast Parthia

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