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Which country's stock exchange is the Nikkei 225?
In which city was the Royalist Capital in the English Civil War?
In which country would you find Mount Cook, the city of Whangerai & the Black Caps?
What is the common name of Ascorbic Acid?
Who was the mistress of Lord Nelson?
Which Artist, known as the Boss, has sold 120 million albums worldwide and associates himself with a Washington Street?
Who was the 4th President of the United States?
What is a coulomb a measure of?
Which city hosted the 1964 Summer Olympics?
Which state has it's capital in Pierre?
Who wrote 'Dombey & Son' & 'Little Dorrit'?
Which is the brightest star in the night sky?
What type of Nobel Prize was the first awarded, in 1969?
Adam Levine is the lead-singer of which band?
Which city is often termed as 'The Oil Capital of Europe?'
Which fictional character had the first names Albus Percival Wulfric Brian?
Who plays football at The Liberty Stadium?
Who had hits with 'No More Heroes', 'Peaches' & 'Golden Brown'?
In which year did the current French Republic come into place?
In which country would you find the Great Dividing Range?
What is the Capital of Iowa?
Who is the current Prime Minister of Australia?
Who won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of Hanna Schmitz in The Reader?
Which city hosted the first Winter Olympics?
From which city does the Baseball team The Braves come from?
What does a Hippologist study?
Who was born, in Israel, as Natalie Hershlag?
In which century was the Great Schism in the Christian Church?
Which month does Yom Kippur (usually) fall?
Which sport has teams called the Salford City Reds, Canterbury Bulldogs and the Sydney Roosters

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