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Vocalist Ben Lovett indicated that the name was meant to invoke the sense of an 'antiquated family business name'
'[BAND NAME]' is a slang term for spending a day smoking marijuana
Came about after band member Sam Halliday mispronounced the name of the local cinema, Tudor Cinema, and this stuck
Chris Baio explained that the band's singer, Ezra Koenig, had filmed a low-budget vampire movie with this title two-and-a-half years before the band formed
Another possible reason was because of Pete Townshend's grandmother, who would always refer to popular bands as '[BAND NAME]?', due to her impaired hearing
Came from its interactivity with the in 'you too.'. Also the name of a famous spy plane
Derived from a poem written by the guitarist Daron Malakian, named 'Victims of a Down', which was changed to [BAND NAME] to place them closer alphabetically to their idols Slayer
Bass player Brad Smith's father used this term to refer to some hippies who lived in a commune near his house
The name was not meant to insult the assassinated Kennedy brothers, but to quote vocalist Jello Biafra, 'to bring attention to the end of the American Dream'
Guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Tom Fletcher took the name from the film 'Back to the Future''s main character 'Marty [BAND NAME]'
Based on a story that singer Win Butler heard as a kid. He was told that an arcade in Exeter had burnt down, killing many youths
After the South African [BAND NAME] Football Club, the former team of long-serving former Leeds United captain Lucas Radebe
Cuomo quickly nominated [BAND NAME], a nickname given to him when he was a kid by other children who were teasing him about his asthma
Bassist Tina Weymouth explained that it came from a description in the TV Guide, which explains the term used by TV studios to describe a head-and-shoulder shot of a person talking
Adopted from a term used by Allied aircraft pilots in World War II to describe various UFOs or mysterious aerial phenomena
Their first studio was in the basement of a repair shop, and they considered themselves to be the 'masters' of the studio. '[BAND NAME]' was derived from 'masters of the basement
A palindromic acronym from the initials of the first names of the band members
From the stimulant Dexedrine
In the early 1980s, band members told the press that the band was named after the dog in The Wizard of Oz
After Linda [BAND NAME], a member of the Charles Manson cult (aka the Manson 'family') famous for serving as his getaway driver
The band was originally called The Management, [BAND NAME] is an abbreviation of that
Comes from the band's financial situation at the time of forming
They asked the audience to yell out their ideas for a name. One audience member suggested '[BAND NAME]', a reference to the sidekick of the Radioactive Man from The Simpsons

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