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QUIZ: Can you name the Eurovision Song Contest 1956-2012 trivia?

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Katie Boyle has hosted the contest 4 times, in what years?
What country has finished 2nd the most number of times ?
In what position did Ireland(Linda Martin - Terminal Three) finish in 1984?
What year was the 1st year the Contest was held in Norway ?
Who represented the United Kingdom in 1974?
2013 sees the Contest return to having just one presenter, when was the last year to have just one presenter ?
What was the name of the singer who won for France in 1960
What internatioal pop group were the interval act in 2001?
What year did Serbia win ?
Who was the 1st country to win twice in a row?
Who represented the United Kingdom in 1970?
When did Ireland last win the contest ?
When did Denmark 1st win ?
What country did Sweden get the same number of points as in 1991?
Who represented Ireland on home ground in 1995?
Who were the interval act in 1974?
What year was the contest held in Azerbaijan?
What group won the contest in 1989?
What country won the 1st ever Eurovision Song Conetst ?
Which song that went to Number 1 in the charts represented the United Kingdom in 1996?
What was Red Hurley's entry for Ireland called in 1976?
What was the name of the winning song for Greece in 2005?
What year in the 1980's did Ireland not participate ?
Netherlands won in 1957, France in 1958, Netherlands in 1959, France in 1960, who broke the cycle in 1961?
Malta's Chiara has represented her country how many times ?
What was the name of the Spanish song in 1973 that became a wordwide hit ?
Which Hollywood Star appeared on stage as a dance for Germany in 2009?
How many times did Ireland win the contest in the 1980's?
What city was the contest held in 1965?
What worldwide dancing phenomenon made its debut during the 1994 contest in Dublin ?
Norway are known for scoring 0 points, how many times has this happened ?
What year was Irelands entry sung in Irish ?
In what city did Blue represent the United Kingdom?
Sweden has been represented by Carola 3 times, 1991. 2006 and what other year ?
How many times has Ireland finished last ?

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