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Can you name the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Facts?

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In what year was the BBC launched?
What is the BBC's main source of funding?
How many BBC national radio channels were there by 1964?
In what year was ITV created which was to become major competition for the BBC?
What's the name of the BBC's teletext service?
In 2004 what inquiry raised concerns about the BBC's journalistic standards and its impartiality?
At present, the British government only fund one area of the BBC, what is this?
The BBC runs under The Royal Charter, first established in 1927. How often is this Charter reviewed?
Since 2007 the BBC has been run by the BBC Trust, who appoints the 14 members of the Trust?
Who is the current Director-General of the BBC?
What is the annual operating budget of the BBC to the nearest billion?
Where is the official headquarters of the BBC?
In July 2007 what online broadcasting device was created allowing users to listen/watch live TV and watch archived programmes?
What is the BBC's most popular magazine?

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