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Hint'Red' answer
Big bad wolf fairy tale
Bono AIDS fighting initiative using Apple, Starbucks, Motorola, Gap, Hallmark, and other partners
Grammy-nominated Christian Rock Band
1982 Prince Single
Magazine aimed at American Women
Chain seafood restaurant
Square movie renters
Baseball... when in Boston
Emergency response team (no, not FEMA)
Football... when in Washington
Popular Gameboy Game
Highest level of threat
2005 Wes Craven Movie
Popular energy drink that gives you wings
Periods in US history where fear of communism overtook citizens
Hint'Red' answer
A deliberate attempt to divert attention
Dangerous waters caused by dinoflagellates
1984 American War film staring Patrick Swayze
California loving American Alternative Rock band with a case of the Flea
1990 Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin movie
2002 movie starting Anthony Hopkins and Edward Norton. The third in a popular series.
'Face Down' singers; American Alternative Rock Band
Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon; to name a few
Without them, Jeff Foxworthy won't have a job.
Type of cake; kin to German Chocolate
Creates a large part of the northern boundary of Texas
Popular hotel chain
A state in the US with a tendency of electing republicans
Radio and Television Comedian from 1937 to 1971
1980 UB40 Single written by Neil Diamond

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