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QUIZ: Can you work out the words in this circular word ladder?

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A wild pig.
Grizzly, brown or teddy.
Constituent part of some necklaces.
Line for tethering a dog.
To peruse a text.
Plant lining a marsh or river bank.
To have a dependence on something.
Unwanted plant in garden.
A time period lasting 168 hours.
Submissive or quiet.
To give off a strong odour.
Cylindrical part of a fishing rod.
Not fake.
Blue colour.
Type of wood.
Unwanted in pipes.
A national emblem of Wales.
Take a short look.
Upshot of an action.
Socially inept person.
Sleeping area for more than one person.
The visible shape of something.
Defensive structure often built out of cushions.
An extremity made up of 26 bones.
A person lacking in common sense.
An object used to perform a task.
A sheep's insulation.
A hydrocarbon used in building.
Edible material.
Shallow river crossing.
A crease in a material.
Homophone for the past tense action of a bell.
Rhymes with the word for an internet antagonist.
The third instruction of fire safety.
One's part in something larger.
6.0221412927×10^23 of something.
Not less.
A golfer's call.
The cube root of the cube root of 262144.
Homophone for the contraction of 'You are'.
Guided travelling around a location.
Past tense of a ripping action.
A hole made in engineering by a drill.
A wild pig.

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