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QUIZ: Can you name the Organelles in a Eukaryotic Cell?

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1. Only in plant cells; rigid; made of cellulose
2. Free or attached to #10; produces protiens
3. Controles cell's activities;contains DNA
4. Packages protiens; made of multiple membranes
5. Selectivly permeable; is a barrier between a cell and its environment
6. Breaks down large food particles into small ones; digests old organelles; mostly in plants
7. Controls movement in and out of #3
8. Stores food, water, and waste
9. Made of microtubules; supports cell; provides shape
10. A network of tubes; carries materials through the cell
11. Jelly-like material; supports and protects cell organelles
12. Breaks down sugars into energy
13. Only in plants; uses energy from sunlight to make food

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