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Can you name the World War One-Causes and Effects?

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Cause or effects clueTitle/Name
Cause: Propoganda newspaperman
Effect:1917 Act: penalties including $10.000 fine and 20 years in jail for interferring with troop recruitment
Effect:1918 Act: Bans government and constitution critique
Effect: 'Grandfather' in Civil Rights Movement
Effect:Supreme Court case ruling free speech suppressable if a clear and present dangger will otherwise produce 'sustantive evil'
Cause: national competiton for advancement of weapons
Cause: unification of Slavic people brings hatred between Germany and France/overwhelming pride for one's country
Cause or effects clueTitle/Name
Cause: Countries trying to take over other countries
Cause: Assassination of_____
Cause: Germany's letter to Mexico
Effect: Famous African American Hero of WWI emerges
Effect: New dominant controller of Middle East
Effect: Main land area that is divided in Europe into new lands
Effect: Wilson's Plan for World Peace and Unification

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