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Oi you two, You're just mad, do you hear me! Mad! And I'm going to report you for...Partners in Crime (1)
(to the human daleks) Exterminate!Evolution of the Daleks (1)
Why don't you just die?!Dalek (6)
Me? I'm their man in Havana. I'm their technical support. I'm... School Reunion (7)
Fear me: I've killed hundreds of time lords.The Doctor's Wife (7)
'The question is, what do we do now? Either you turn off your clever machine or I'll blow you and you new paradigm into eternity.' 'And yourself.'Victory of the Daleks (2)
What about Dr. Song? She dove off a rooftop.Day of the Moon (5)
Not at all, no. My father Sydney was a watchmaker from Nottingham, and my mother Verity was—well, she was a nurse, actually.Human Nature (6)
Daleks, be warned. You have declared war upon the Cybermen.Doomsday (8)
'You are superior in only one respect.' 'What is that?'Doomsday (5)
I hate yogurt...Eleventh Hour (6)
This is my timey-wimey detector...Blink (6)
That arm was moving. It tried to kill meRose (6)
'Save them all — humans and gangers.' 'Tall order — sounds wonderful.' 'Is that what you were thinking?'The Almost People (10)
We must feed...Impossible Planet (5)
Hello, Sweetie.Silence in the Library (2)
Hermits United. We meet up every ten years...Utopia (4)
You see these eyes? They're old eyes... and one thing I can tell you, Alex: monsters are real.Night Terrors (7)
Go on, say it. Most people do.The Snowmen (5)
So the year 5 billion. The Sun expands, the Earth gets roastedNew Earth (5)
Back to your mum. It's all waiting. Fish and chips, sausage and mash, beans on toast... No! Christmas! Turkey! Although, having met your mother...Pre-Series 2 Children in Need Special (5)
'Please tell me you have a plan.' 'No, I have a thing...Vincent and the Doctor (8)
'Remember what I told you when you were seven?' 'What did you tell me?'Flesh and Stone/The Big Bang (10)
You're not keeping the horseThe Girl in the Fireplace (5)
I'm the Doctor, I can save the world with a kettle and some string! And look...Time Crash (4)
'I do not understand, miss.' 'Why do you say 'miss'?...Planet of the Ood (4)
Don't you ever get tired of 'Doctor? Doctor who?'The Empty Child (5)
You gave me hope and then took it away. That's enough to make anyone dangerous. God knows what it will do to me...The Doctor's Wife (2)
Start of QuoteEnd of QuoteEpisode (# of words)
A needle that looks like hay. A haylike needle of death...The Time of Angels (14)
Nine hundred years of time and space, and I've never...Aliens of London (5)
Scan reveals nothing; TARDIS self destruct device non-existent!Victory of the Daleks (10)
Tell your grandchildren you went the Library and lived...Silence in the Library (4)
I am talking!The Idiot's Lantern (4)
Please, when Torchwood comes to write my complete history, don't tell people...Army of Ghosts (9)
Dying in your arms. Happy now?Last of the Time Lords (6)
You just took a council axe from a council van, and now you're digging up a council road...Fear Her (6)
Remember every black day I ever stopped you. And then, and then do the smart thing...The Pandorica Opens (5)
They call me the Doctor. Not sure why. I call me the Doctor too...The Lodger (4)
I don't think that's such a good idea; do you? I'm a time lord; you're a big fish...Vampires in Venice (4)
Consider their potential! From the day they arrive on the planet, blinking, step into the sun, there is more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than...The Christmas Invasion (8)
I'm trapped inside a giant robot replica of my wife...Let's Kill Hitler (10)
What's good about sad?Blink (5)
But that's how the devil works!The Satan Pit (4)
And when people come to you and ask if trying to get to me through the people I love is in any way a good idea...A Good Man Goes to War (8)
This isn't my real body?...Forest of the Dead (4)
Then prove yourself, Doctor! What are you? Coward, or killer?The Parting of the Ways (3)
'Thanks.' 'For what?'Rose (1)
The wonderful world of space travel. The prettier it looks...42 (8)
'We're too exposed everywhere, and Amy can't open her eyes, and anyway that's not the plan.' 'There's a plan?'Flesh and Stone (8)
'Come on! We can all have a good flirt later!' 'Is that a promise, Doctor?'The Shakespeare Code (7)
Do they have off switches? Closing Time (7)
'And they want me dead?' 'No, not really. They just don't want you to remain alive.'The Wedding of River Song (12)
I'm London's most wanted for...The Age of Steel (2)
I demand to know who you are!The Christmas Invasion (3)
'Now this won't hurt a bit' 'Ow!'The Time of Angels (5)

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