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Forced Order
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I cut my lip on broken bone, and who you are isn't what you own.
There once was an answer out there, I swear. Tied to a bottle, I swear, I swear.
If you're scared, then walk away. Cause there's no need to feel ashamed. Yeah, we all feel the same.
(Title) you'd be the same. The windows were bending, and decorated with rain.
(Title) so I can't find you, and just as things were looking up, we're stuck.
You say you want distance from me, well don't stand so close. Cause there's no where else where you'd rather be.
Speak from the start, or wash your hands of foreign lands.
When the lightning strikes, you'll find me there. With my head in my hands, to evade your stare.
I had your heart, but I will never get it back again. I will never get it back again.
Take a pill and fall asleep real quick. Fantasize about the people I miss.
I know when I'm faking, cause I'm scared to look in your eyes. No way to control it, am I big enough, brave enough to lie?
I'm watching you walk away from what you choose. Like water on glass, yeah, you distort my view.
The people all scream for the change in the air, because I found one voice, and for my next trick arrears.
Step back into the river, float away, realize I want to raise the day, want to raise the day.
(Title) oh, how the liquid seeps. Through the cracks, proves that my heart still beats.
I've never been to America, and it's time that I learned the truth, the truth.
Once in a while, for a few days, we fight amoungst the brave.
Open your eyes, and you'll see brightly. Provocative shapes makes me surrender.
Can you hear me? Is there anybody out there, but me?
Dearest forgetful, here are my guilty hands. Take them across your eyes, they help you remember.
From above, look and you will see (Title)
This is what you need to stay for and I can't always be here in the middle
If nothing, we'll calculate. Implode me, into my atom state.

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