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Toadfish2 dorsal fins (second very long) scaless, dorsal spines, both marine/freshwater, photopores, 4 lateral lines, sounds with swim bladder
Cutlassfishes/Ribbonfishes1 long narrow dorsal fin to tail, narrow anal fin, fang-like teeth
Lookdowns2 free spines anterior to anal fin, detached finlets behind dorsal/anal fins, deep sloped head, large eyes
Pufferfish4 teeth, tetrodotoxin
Sea catfish6 Barbels, adipose fin, communicate through auditory signals
Needlefishneedle teeth
Pipefishes/Seahorsestube like, long snout, males give birth to young through brood pouch
Solesright eyed
BatfishLookin' like a bat, illicium and esca to lure prey
Left-eyed Floundersleft eyed, distinct dorsal/anal fins
Porgiesanterior-most teeth like incisors, 3 anal spines
Threadfinswidely separated dorsal fins, long rays, forked caudal fin
Lizardfishesadipose fin, pointed snout with alrge mouth, sharp teeth, hide in sand
Anchoviesprotruding snout, forked caudal fin, tapetum lucidum
Sea Robinspectoral fins like wings, sound with swimbladder
Mullets2 widely separated dorsal fins, lip outline, gizzard like stomach, streamlined
Croakerstriangular anterior dorsal fin, 1/2 anal spines, croak using swim bladder
Herrings, Shad, Sardines
Sea Basses3 spines on opercle (gill cover), 3 anal spines, many hermaphroditic
BlenniesTeeth resemble a comb
Tonguefishleft eyed, continous dorsal/anal fin

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