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Can you name the Freshwater Fish Families?

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GarsLong, toothed jaws, cylindirical bodies, ganoid scales (armor/weight), swim bladders, ambush, toxic eggs
BowfinCylindirical, cycloid scales, live in swamps, drought surviving (air in mud), long dorsal fin
Freshwater Eelsfine scales, no pelvic fin, dorsal/caudal/anal fins continuous, small gill slit, live in freshwater, reproduce in saltwater, ambush slow prey, leptocephalus larvae
Herrings and Shadssaw-toothed belly edge, adipose eyelids, no scales on head, eat phyto/zooplankton, spawn upstream, eggs in water column, fake eye to trick piscivorous fish, compressed body/silvery scales/lateral lines hepl avoid predators
Characins and Tetrasadipose fin, large teeth, north as southwest Texas, common in central/south america (cyprinid niche), sand/rock bottom pools eat small fish
Cichlids3+ anal spines, interuppted lateral line, large jaw, protractile mouth, pointed dorsal fin posterior, female broods in mouth, wide range of diets
Suckerslips with papillae, soft ray fins, scaleless head, suck algae/invertebrates, long row of pharyngeal teeth, long intestinal tract, tetraploid
Minnowsfusiform bodies, 1 dorsal fin, fin rays, nonflat head, diurnal predators, eat invertebrates, some have nuptial tubercles
Trouts, Salmons, Chars, Whitefishesstreamlined body, 1 dorsal fin and adipose fin, no spines, anadromous spawn in fresh, eggs in sac fry becoming parr and go to ocean
Bullhead Catfishesno scales, 4 barbels, adipose fin, spines in dorsal/pectoral fins, flat heads, produce fear signals, parental care
Silversidesno lateral line, 2 separated dorsal fins, silvery stripe, school, eat plankton on surface, most marine
Pupfishdeep body, upturned mouth, very tolerant
Topminnows and Killifishflat head/back, upturned mouth, dorsal fin far back, gulp air, eat insects and invertebrates, lowland streams
Livebearersmore upturned mouth than fundulidae, gonopodium, no lateral line, gulp air, tolerant, itronmittent organ is mod of anal fin, high reproductive success, omnivores
Darters, Perches, Wallete, Sauger2 dorsal fins (separate or joined slightly), first has spines, second is rays, 2 anal spines, pelvic with 1 spine, eat insects/crustaceans, no swim bladder
Sunfishes and Bassesdeep body, two dorsal fins joines (first spines, second rays), ctenoid scales, piscivorous predators, hybridize with other sepcies, parental care in males (gravel nests)
Temperate Bassesdeep bodied, two dorsal fins(spines in first, 1 spine in second, 3 anal spines

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