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Louisiana achieved statehood in what year?A famous American war was also fought in this year.
State Capital:French for 'red stick'.
State Bird:
State Flower:Louisiana shares its state flower with Mississippi.
This is Louisiana's only NFL team:They won the Super Bowl on February 7, 2010.
These three colleges have football teams:Located in the state capital.
(Second college):Located in Ruston.
(Third college):Located in New Orleans.
One of the above colleges has a live mascot on campus named ____:
This city was named for a steamboat captain who helped clear the Red River log jam:
This city celebrated its centennial anniversary in 2007:
The two cities above are on the banks of this river:The color of the clay in the river gives it its name.
Which other rivers flow through Louisiana?
(Second river):
(Third river):Shares its name with a parish.
(Fourth river):
(Fifth river):
(Sixth river):Shares its name with a parish.
(Seventh river):
(Eighth river):Shares its name with a parish.
Front Street is the famous downtown road in this city:
Originally from France, these Canadian exiles and their descendants are called _____:
Louisianans serve these over rice:
Many non-English-speaking Louisianans instead speak this language:
Louisiana alligators love this sticky, gooey treat:
The French brought this celebration to New Orleans:
This New Orleans district is home to the Cafe du Monde:
The meat from this ditch-dwelling crustacean is prized in Louisiana:
This pop star is from Kenner:
Louisiana's governor is America's first Indian governor. What is his name?He served in the House of Representatives before returning to take office as governor.

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