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Can you answer all of the random Survivor trivia correctly?

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First Person Voted out twice:
First Person to play back-to-back seasons:
Only two time winner:
Only pair to be on the same starting tribe on three separate seasons:
First person to receive no votes at FTC:
First Winner to use a HII to save themself:
First Winner to win on their second try:
Only winner to win on their third chance:
Only winner to win on their fourth chance:
Only Player to be voted out three times in one season:
First Player to win Unanimously:
First Player to play a 'perfect' game:
First 16 player season:
First 18 person season:
Only 19 player season:
First 20 player season:
Season that has the most people that return:
Season with the least people that return (non-returnee seasons):

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