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Can you name the following trees and shrubs given the scientific name?

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Scientific NameCommon NameFamily
Acer rubrumAceraceae
Acer saccharumAceraceae
Acer saccharinumAceraceae
Acer negundoAceraceae
Acer ginnalaAceraceae
Acer platanoidesAceraceae
Rhus typhinaAnacardiaceae
Betula lentaBetulaceae
Betula papyriferaBetulaceae
Betula alleghaniensisBetulaceae
Betula nigraBetulaceae
Corylus americanaBetulaceae
Carpinus carolinianaBetulaceae
Ostrya virginianaBetulaceae
Catalpa speciosaBignoniaceae
Cercis canadensisCaesalpiniaceae
Gleditisia triacanthosCaesalpiniaceae
Gymnocladus dioicusCaesalpiniaceae
Viburnum lentagoCaprifoliaceae
Viburnum trilobumCaprifoliaceae
Cercidiphyllum japonnicumCercidiphyllaceae
Cornus sericeaCornaceae
Cornus racemosaCornaceae
Cornus alternifoliaCornaceae
Taxodium distichumCupressaceae
Juniperus communisCupressaceae
Juniperus virginianaCupressaceae
Thuja occidentalisCupressaceae
Elaeagnus angustifoliaElaeagnaceae
Maackia amurensisFabaceae
Cladrastis kentukeaFabaceae
Scientific NameCommon NameFamily
Robinia pseudoacaciaFabaceae
Quercus palustrisFagaceae
Quercus rubraFagaceae
Quercus albaFagaceae
Quercus bicolorFagaceae
Quercus macrocarpaFagaceae
Ginkgo bilobaGinkgoaceae
Hamamelis virginianaHamamelidaceae
Aesculus hippocastanumHippocastanaceae
Aesculus glabraHippocastanaceae
Juglans nigraJuglandaceae
Carya cordiformisJuglandaceae
Carya ovataJuglandaceae
Liriodendron tulipiferaMagnoliaceae
Morus albaMoraceae
Syringa vulgarisOleaceae
Syringa reticulataOleaceae
Fraxinus americanaOleaceae
Fraxinus pennsylvanicaOleaceae
Fraxinus quadrangulataOleaceae
Abies concolorPinaceae
Abies fraseriPinaceae
Abies balsameaPinaceae
Larix deciduaPinaceae
Larix laricinaPinaceae
Picea glaucaPinaceae
Picea pungensPinaceae
Picea marianaPinaceae
Picea omorikaPinaceae
Picea abiesPinaceae
Pinus strobusPinaceae
Scientific NameCommon NameFamily
Pinus banksianaPinaceae
Pinus resinosaPinaceae
Pinus ponderosaPinaceae
Pinus nigraPinaceae
Pinus sylvestrisPinaceae
Pinus mugoPinaceae
Pseudotsuga menziesiiPinaceae
Tsuga canadensisPinaceae
Platanus occidentalisPlatanaceae
Frangula alnusRhamnaceae
Rhamnus catharticaRhamnaceae
Aronia melanocarpaRosaceae
Prunus serotinaRosaceae
Prunus virginianaRosaceae
Pyrus calleryanaRosaceae
Ptelea trifoliataRutaceae
Zanthoxylum americanumRutaceae
Phellodendron amurenseRutaceae
Populus balsamiferaSalicaceae
Populus deltoidesSalicaceae
Populus grandidentataSalicaceae
Populus tremuloidesSalicaceae
Tilia americanaTiliaceae
Ulmus americanaUlmaceae
Ulmus pumilaUlmaceae
Celtis occidentalisUlmaceae
Parthenocissus tricuspidataVitaceae
Parthenocissus vitaceaVitaceae
Vitis ripariaVitaceae

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