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Founder of the GNU
Founder of the BPU
Founder of the LWMA
Newspaper established by O'Connor
Month and year of the National Convention
1st point of the Charter
2nd point of the Charter
3rd point of the Charter
4th point of the Charter
5th point on the Charter
6th point on the Charter
Event where Lovett was arrested
Number of people killed in Newport
Riots where people removed plugs from factories boilers in Lancashire and Yorkshire
Year this occurred in
Year of the Kennington Common meeting
Number of Chartists in attendance
Number of special constables in contrast
Newspaper established by Henry Hetherington
Circulation of newspaper by 1833
Cost of Stamp Tax on newspapers
What was this reduced to by the government in 1836?
Under the 1833 Factory Act, how many hours a day maximum could children aged 9-18 work?
What principle was the 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act based on?
Number of signatures on the 1st Petition, June 1839
What proportion of these from women
Number of signatures on the 2nd Petition, May 1842
What proportion of the adult population at the time was this?
Number of signatures claimed to be on the 3rd Petition, 1848
Number of signatures ACTUALLY on the petition

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