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In Love With Paige/
Mercenary for Duke, Derek, Peter, Araya,
Bit Scott/ Killed Kate/ Killed By Derek/ Brought Back To Life By Lydia/ Became An Ally With Kate/ Tried To Take Scotts POWER
Scott's 2nd Love/ Thunder Kitsune
Mother of a True Alpha/ Nurse at Beacon Memorial Hospital
Alpha Werewolf/ Lost Control And Killed Noshiko's Boyfriend
Went On A Date With Sheriff Stilinski
Wolf Hunter/ Became Scott's Ally In Later Seasons
Hunted by Marie- Jeanne Valet/ Took Over Masons Body/ Defeated By A Pike
True Alpha/ Tries to save EVERYONE
Gay Alpha Twin
Gay Chimera/ Turns Invisible
Kitsune/ Fell In Love With Rhys
Kanima/ Co-Captain of Lacrosse Team
He Wrote The Dread Doctors Book/
Scorpion Chimera/ Was Dating Cory Who He Attacked
Killed By Peter Hale In Episode 1
Child of Peter Hale & Desert Wolf/ Beta/ Loyal to Scott
Sister of Derek Hale
Scott's First Beta
Derek's First Love/ Killed By Member Of Duke's Pack
Keeps Beacon Hills Safe Just With A Gun
Chimera Killed By Stiles
Veterinarian & Druid
Leader Of The Calavera Hunters Based Out Of Mexico
Chimera Who Used Kanima Venom
Assassin & Orphan/ Had A Wolfsbane Blade In His Lacrosse Stick
Derek's Mother/
Derek's First Beta/ Later Became Closer With Scott
Tried To Kill Kira/ Worked At An Electrical Place/ Creepy Mass Murderer
Dereks 2nd Beta/ Blond Hair/ Tried To Find A New Pack
Deputy/ Brings Bodies to Nemeton/ Defeated The Beast/
Jackson's Best Friend/ Played On Lacrosse Team
Photographer/ Kanimas First Controller
Watched Derek When He Was Younger/ Lydia Hallucinations Him In Season 2
Member Of Duke's Pack/ Tried To Kill Scott In An Elevator/ Tried To Turn Derek's First Love, But Killed Her
Chimera/ Liam's Girlfriend/ Scott's 2nd Beta
Assassin & Orphan/ Had A Thermal-Cut Wire/ Tried Killing Scott With It
Deputy/ Sister Of A Female Beta Werewolf
Guidance Counselor/ Deaton's Sister
Straight Alpha Twin
Banshee From Eichen House
Leader Of An Alpha Pack Who Tried To Kill Darach
Hunted The Beast
Faced Slashed By Kali/ Became Stronger From Nemeton
Liams Best Friend/ Became The Beast
Killed Peter Hale/ Loyal to Scott
Scott's First Love/ Follows Code: Protect Those Who Cannot Protect Themselves
Banshee/Allisons Best Friend
Tried To Kill Malia Before She Was Human Again
Beta Werewolf/ Member Of Satomi's Pack/ He Played On Devenford Prep's Lacrosse Team
Tried To Join Scott's Pack/ Killed Scott/ Taken Underground By His Sister
History Teacher
Member Of Duke's Pack/ Slashed Darach's Face
Funniest When It Comes To Lacrosse
Chimera/ Eyes Turn Purple/ Has Electric Powers
Tried To Kill Scott With Wolfsbane/ Bitten By Derek
Suffered From Frontotemporal Dementia (Shrinkage Of The Brain)/ Stiles' Was Blamed For Killing Her
Tried Killing Werewolves/ Was Killed By Peter/ Became Were Jaguar
Killed By Kanima/ Coach Of Swimming Team
Funniest Character and Only Human/ Scott's Best Friend/ Has A Crush On Lydia
Killed Matt To Control Kanima/ Tried To Kill THEM ALL
Derek's 3rd Beta/ Big & Tall/ Tried To Find A New Pack

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