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Only uniquely typed single-type Pokémon (Not including Arceus)
Only Pokémon with a base stat total over 750
Only Pokémon to evolve into two Pokémon at the same time.
Only Pokémon with over 8 billion different forms.
Only Pokémon to have had four signature moves over the years.
Only Pokémon to be a version exclusive in every main series game it has appeared in. (not including legendaries or Gen VI Pokémon
Only Pokémon to evolve twice through trading
Only Pokémon who's evolutionary tree was added to over 4 generations
Only Pokémon to have two entirely separate lines based upon its gender.
Only Pokémon to learn transform through leveling up, (not including Ditto)
Only Pokémon who can learn every TM, HM, and Move Tutor Move (except ones exclusive to a group of Pokémon)
Only Pokémon to evolve into the same Pokémon through two methods.
Only Pokémon to weigh over 1 ton (U.S. customary units)
Only Flying type Pokémon not affected by ground type moves in inverse battles
Only Pokémon with a base stat equaling 1.

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