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A high woodwind instrument. Made of metal.
The lowest instrument found in a concert band.
A percussion instrument that shares its name with a shape.
A common kids toy. It consists of a drum with small metal jingles called 'Zils' on the outside.
The high of the commonly played saxophones.
A very high Saxophone. Not found in most bands.
A set of drums that consist of four drums that you tune to different notes.
This instrument is the highest of all brass instruments.
A very, very high woodwind instrument. Made of metal. Similar to a flute.
A percussion instrument hit by mallets. It has wood keys, and is higher than its counterpart.
The lowest drum of the common set of drums in a band.
The highest drum of the common set.
A high, loud woodwind instrument. Uses a double reed.
A woodwind instrument in the oboe family, it is a perfect fifth lower than the oboe.
A percussion instrument that has wooden keys and it the lower of the two wooden key percussion instruments.
A cymbal hung on a wooden frame. Hit with a mallet.
A low brass instrument with valves.
A low brass instrument that uses a slide.
A percussion instrument with metal keys, and a pedal like a piano to let note hold for longer.
A cymbal that is hung on a metal stand by its middle, and is beaten with mallets.
The middle of the commonly played saxophones.
Two cymbals that are hit together.
A woodwind instrument that has a middle ranged sound.
A low woodwind instrument, that is similar to a saxophone, but it is not a saxophone.
Two cymbals that are hung with their bottoms touching. Hit with a drumstick.
A very low saxophone. Not very common in concert band.
The low of the commonly played saxophones.
The prettiest of all brass instruments. It is sometimes counted of a woodwind because of its beautiful mellow sound.
A low woodwind instrument. Uses a double reed. Sometimes is said to sound like a kazoo.
A series of metal tubes that are hit with a small wooden hammer.
Two drums without snares.
Two wooden sticks beaten together.
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