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Can you name the Mega Evolutions in Pokémon X and Y by their Main Differences

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Ability DifferencePokémonType Difference
Sand Veil to Sand ForceNone
Blaze to Speed BoostNone
Static to Mold BreakerElectric to Electric/Dragon
Synchronize or Trace to PixilateNone
Static or Lightning Rod to IntimidateNone
Hyper Cutter or Mold Breaker to AerilateBug to Bug/Flying
Intimidate to Mold BreakerWater/Flying to Water/Dark
Early Bird or Scrappy to Parental BondNone
Swarm or Technician to TechnicianNone
Early Bird or Flash Fire to Solar PowerNone
Hyper Cutter or Intimidate to Huge PowerNone
Pressure to SteadfastPsychic to Psychic/Fighting
Blaze to DroughtNone
Ability DifferencePokémonType Difference
Overgrow to Thick FatNone
Swarm or Guts to Skill LinkNone
Rock Head or Pressure to Tough ClawsNone
Pressure to InsomniaNone
Blaze to Tough ClawsFire/Flying to Fire/Dragon
Synchronize or Inner Focus to TraceNone
Steadfast or Inner Focus to AdaptabilityNone
Torrent to Mega LauncherNone
Insomnia or Frisk to PranksterNone
Levitate to Shadow TagNone
Sturdy or Rock Head to FilterSteel/Rock to Steel
Pressure or Super Luck to Magic BounceNone

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