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QUIZ: Can you name these British comedies by characters given?

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Victor Meldrew, Margaret Meldrew, Jean Warboys
Jim, Barbara, Denise
Vyvyan Basterd, Rick, Neil Wheedon Watkins Pye
Adam Smallbone, Alex Smallbone, Colin Lambert
René, Major-General Erich von Klinkerhoff, Lieutenant Gruber
Arnold Rimmer, Dave Lister, The Cat
(*title character*), Stevie, Gary
Will McKenzie, Simon Cooper, Jay Cartwright
Malcolm Tucker, Ollie Reeder, Nicola Murray
Sam Pinkett, Phil Bourne, Lizzie Green
Pete Brockman, Sue Brockman, Karen Brockman
David Brent, Tim Canterbury, Gareth Keenan
Martin Ellingham, Louisa Ellingham, Bert Large
Tubbs, Papa Lazarou, Barbara Dixon
Del Boy, Rodney Trotter, Grandad
Edmund, Baldrick
(*title character*), (*title character*), Smithy
Basil, Sybil, Manuel
Mark Corrigan, Jeremy Usborne, Super Hans
Jim Hacker, Sir Humphrey Appleby, Bernard Woolley
Edina Monsoon, Patsy Stone, Bubble
Maurice Moss, Roy Trenneman, Jen Barber
Howard Moon, Vince Noir, Naboo the Enigma
Norman Stanley Fletcher, Mr Barrowclough, Lennie Godber
Ted, Dougal, Mrs Doyle
Andy Millman, Maggie Jacobs, Darren Lamb
Alan, Lynn Benfield, Dave Clifton
Andy, Daffyd, Vicky Pollard
Captain Mainwaring, Sergeant Wilson, Private Godfrey
Tim Bisley, Daisy Steiner, Marsha Klein
Bernard Black, Manny Bianco, Fran Katzenjammer
Richard 'Richie' Richard, Edward 'Eddie' Elizabeth Hitler, Spudgun
Geraldine Granger, David Horton, Letitia Cropley
Brian Potter, Jerry 'St.Clair' Dignan, Ray Von
Hyacinth Bucket, Richard Bucket, Elizabeth 'Liz' Warden

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