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Can you answer the questions about countries containing the letter Z?

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How many countries containing the letter Z are there?
How many Z countries are in Africa?
Which Z country has the longest name?
How many Z countries begin with a vowel?
How many Z countries end in 'land'?
Which Z country is the smallest?
Name a Z country in Oceania where Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch.
Name the Z country in North America where Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch.
Which Z country has Baku as a capital?
Which Z country has Spanish as its official language?
Which Z country is the biggest in both size and population?
Which Z country is the largest landlocked country in the world?
Which Z country borders Germany and Poland (amongst others)?
Which Z country has Romansh as an official language?
Which Z country was part of Yugoslavia?
Which Z country has Harare as a capital?
Which Z country has the kwacha as its currency?
Which Z country's flag has a moon and twelve stars?
Name one of the three Asian Z countries which border each other.
Playing games about this country will get you the 'Bishkek or Bust' Sporcle badge.
The country formerly known as Zaire is now called what?
Name one of two Z countries which start Sw?
Which Z country has English and Swahili as its two official languages?
Name the African Z country where Portguese is the official language.
Name one of the two Z countries to have English as its only OFFICIAL language.

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