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QUIZ: Can you name the Acids and Bases?

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An acid is a ___ donor.Fill in the blank
What is the pOH level of a solution with the pH = 4Calculate.
A weak acid is dissociated.True or false.
pH= -log [OH^-]True or false
A strong acid has a strong conjugate base.True or false.
The pH of a solution can be measured by ____.Fill in the blank.
A base is a proton ____.Fill in the blank.
pOH = 4.32Calculate
What is the word for both a base and an acid?Fill in the blank.
Delivery of a measured volume of a solution of known concentration into the solution being analyzed.Definition
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A pH level below __ is acidic.Fill in the blank.
Calculate the hydron ion concentration pOH= 3.91Calculate.
Sulfuric acid is a ____ acid.Fill in the blank.
An acid-base titration is called a ______ reaction.Fill in the blank.
Hydrogen ion concentration of pH=5.12 Calculate.
A buffered solution ____ change in its pH level when an acid or base is added.Fill in the blank.
Buffered solutions contains only a weak acid.True or false.
pH level of 0.00010 M HClCalculate
A pH level above 7 is ____.Fill in the blank.

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